That means we have to be with our families and go to places and do stuff. That’s exciting!

The sad thing, however, is that we have to be apart for a while. He promised he’d be back though. He still has one year before he graduates! I hope he does his best this time. I’m gonna make sure of it.

Our first Summer apart.


Round 3

His parents are gonna travel to our city and I’m gonna meet them again. For the third time.

His sister is turning 18 and she and her brother are currently studying in my city. It’s finals week so their parents have to travel to celebrate her birthday. Here. In my territory. Ha!

I hope I could pick a nice gift for her though. Suggestions?



We’re in our third month now.

Things are going well and we just watched a movie together. It wasn’t a romantic type of movie though. Guess what we saw? 

300: Rise of an Empire.

He’s into war and stuff. He’s actually majoring in History. Yipee. Someone to straighten my History knowledge. Ha!

We’re staying strong and I hope we could last a little longer. Well, we survived the third. 


I’m Using His Computer

He’s a gamer. I’m in love with a gamer dude.

I don’t get jealous of the attention though. Honestly, I even enjoy watching him play DoTA, Counter Strike, and other games guys play.

Right now, I’m using his computer to blog about my day. Cool, right?



It’s the 9th and I just turned hella older.

Happy birthday to me.


Meet The Mom


I’m gonna meet his Mom tomorrow! Should I dress-up? Should I prepare for it? WHAT SHOULD I DO? I’m panicking!

Help me…


Sick Because of The Weather

He met my Dad. Well, HE PASSED! Hahaha.

After talking to my Dad, he told me how nervous he was when he sat down and started talking to my Dad. Well, he kinda impressed my Dad which is a good thing, no, a great thing.

Yesterday he was sick because of the weather. He wasn’t used to the eight-degree temperature here in the city. I’m a bit worried about him.

Oh well. Everyone’s kinda getting sick because of the weather.


He’s Back

Those dimples and those eyes. I missed them.

We spent the night telling stories and playing games on my phone.

It’s good that he’s back. (:


Christmas Baby!

In a few hours, an angel would be born. I would have another niece and another ray of sunshine in the house!

Can’t wait to see her little fingers and toes. See you soon Vernice Kristina.


Christmas Break

Hello Christmas Break!

Away from all the stress and headache that schoolwork brings. Hello sleep and food and more sleep. Oh, the joys of being away from school.

I’m also away from him though. Our first Christmas as a couple. Our first Christmas apart.

Communication is the key! I trust him enough and I hope he trusts me that much too. That kinda settles being apart.