People Come And Go

When we meet someone, it is not a guarantee that he/she will always be a part of our lives. Sometimes there would be arguments and fights that are big enough to cause separation.

Maybe we just have to make the most out of everyday. Death is sudden. Arguments rise. Everything is unpredictable.

Most of all, people come and go as they please.


When is Being Kind Enough Anyway?

People believe that they should do kind things so that they get kindness in return. We may think that’s how the world works but it is far more cruel than that.

People aren’t mirrors that reflect what you do to them. They have a choice whether they would repay you with the same kindness you have offered or not. Maybe that’s the reason why some people do unpleasant things because they were the ones who got tired of showing kindness and get rudeness in return. I don’t blame them really. This just shows that the world could never be a perfect place to live in.

Small arguments grow here and there because an apology isn’t enough for some people. “Sorry” could be thrown here and there with its meaning reduced to a size of a raisin and stepped on. People don’t always mean that everything’s okay with their “it’s okay” response. There would always be a little grudge hidden at a deep part in their brain and the sight of you would pull out that memory. Memories spark feelings.

Just think about it: When is being kind enough anyway?


Don’t judge a chocolate by its colour.

- Joseph Sugg

Birthday Week!

I just got home from a vacation in my boyfriend’s city.

He celebrated his birthday last Wednesday and I surprised him by arriving a day earlier. Well, he wasn’t exactly surprised because he sensed that I would be arriving sooner.

The party was amazing and I met most of his relatives who were very kind to me. It was a very fun and amazing birthday. The days after were very memorable that I almost didn’t want to go back home.

On the day of our parting, we went swimming with his family and played a few pool games. He gained a few pounds and was able to carry me around that time. Fun times.

It was an amazing experience and I hope his family enjoyed having me around. It was as if he had a whole week for his birthday.


Just Got Back!

My family and I went to my father’s province to attend the funeral of my grandfather’s sister. It was really memorable because I got too see my relatives from other places who I only had the chance to meet once or twice before the funeral. It was a massive event and I bet my grandfather’s sister was looking down at us from heaven with a smile on her face.

It was sooo hot in the province and I’m a bit unwell because a crazy cough just decided to happen. I’ve been drinking lots of water but nothing’s happening. Ugh.

Basically, I’m back in my city and enjoying the chilly air. I’ll soon be going to my boyfriend’s city for his birthday. Yay!

It’s good to be back. 


He fits in your world perfectly like he was supposed to be there in the first place.